About Us

FluidTech always recognizes the importance of the members in the success of an organization. We believe the strength of our team unity and technology is the company foundation and the cornerstone leading us to be a prime supplier within short period.

FluidTech was established in 2005, started with water treatment business, focused on ultrapure water, purified water and reclaim water systems for semiconductor and microelectronic plants.

In 2005, we joint venture with ProFlow Inc, USA company established ProFlow Asia, started business of paper special chemical modular system equipment.

With the extensive and rigorous training from ProFlow USA team combined with the good reputation of ProFlow in the paper industry, we grow rapidly being one of the advance paper special chemical modular system leader in Asia Pacific region. We are now being one of the key process equipment suppliers to many world-class paper chemical companies and paper mills.

In 2006, we partnership with a reputable vacuum company from Malaysia and established our R&D center, started our vacuum business in semiconductor and microelectronic industries. With the technology we developed and the good reputation from high performance quality product we delivered, we have become one of the leader manufacturer and market key central vacuum system packaged equipment suppliers to high-end customers such as 8 inch and 12 inch wafer fab and, G6 - G8.5 TFT LCD plant.

In 2012, we ProFlow Asia established partnership with Henan Process Systems BV of Netherland (Formerly Netherland Avebe Equipment Division), cooperate to manufacture various high quality starch handling equipment especially CEC (Continuous Enzymatic Converter) which is used to convert native starch using enzymes.

In 2012, following with the IMO (International Maritime Organization) stricter regulation on marine life control, we continue our closer cooperation with ProFlow Inc, USA on the ballast water treatment business, and we established Ecochlor Manufacturing Limited to partnership with Ecochlor Inc, USA, being their Asia manufacturing center for ballast water treatment system packaged equipment.