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FluidTech is a Malaysian investment corporation with manufacturing center located in Pudong, Shanghai, P.R. China. We manufacture industrial process systems in modular form or in skid form with built-in full automation. It is convenience for shipment and easy for installation at field. This approach of having most of the equipment manufactured from factory is very important to assure the quality and the performance of the equipment, and to increase efficiency of the field installation work, as a result, the construction of the whole system at field can be almost perfectly manageable.

FluidTech China is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company and is rated as High Technology Corporation from the country of P.R. China. We have the factory’s quality and safety system certification from US ABS, UK Lloyds, Norway DNV-GL, France BV and Japan NK.

  • For central cleaning in the cleanroom of semiconductor and microelectronic plants.Our ongoing development has been continuously improving to ensure that you get the most out of your Central Vacuum System. We pride ourselves in researching your needs and to developing products to meet them. Many factories have entrusted us as their cleaning system. With the objective of profits in mind, many plants have learned to have a high priority on "proper" cleaning (Please contact us for brochures and experience jobs listing)

  • Joint Venture Business with ProFlow Inc, USA and Partnership with Henan Process Systems BV, Netherland. This involves chemical emulsion, transfer, mixing and metering system, and starch handling for pulp and paper industries. Portfolio of equipment includes but not limited to ASA emulsifier, native starch enzymatic conversion, polymer makedown, starch cookers, bentonite makedown, biocide metering, Yankee coating and release, felt wash, heat exchanger, dilution and filtering.

    ProFlow, Inc
    Henan BV
  • Manufacturing Partner of Ecochlor Inc, USA. The Ecochlor® Ballast Water Management System is a simple, automated, two-step treatment process that includes filtration and treatment with ClO2. The treatment technology meets or exceeds both IMO D2 and USCG standards. For the clean ocean, it is very important to end the wide-spread environmental damage to our coastal ecosystems that is caused by invasive aquatic species carried in the ballast tanks of ships!

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  • Various chemical transfer and metering system for gypsum board related industries. Portfolio of equipment includes but not limited to process water, foam, glue, silicon oil, retarder, tartaric acid, fructose, wax emulsion, air renew, polymer and water reducing agent system.

  • We have flexible capability to engineer and manufacture your process into packaged equipment, one or few skids form. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further detail discussion.

FluidTech has become one of the leading engineered and sophisticated process equipment manufacturing company. We hire talented people and provide the best training & tools, we obtain and maintain certifications necessary to ensure a high quality product and we seek out new technologies to continuously improve our products. In a wide range of applications, industry has come to depend on us to help in meeting their equipment needs.

With the highest quality standards, our qualified team of engineers and competence to link process and automation technologies enables us to provide innovative challenging technical solutions that work with the best technology available. With global reach and efficient channels, our team can engineer and deliver wherever needed. The core of our operation is in superior customer service and finding the right solution for each of our clients. Our passionate and talented team produces very high quality output that meets high expectations from our customers. Our reputation speaks for itself and with our vast experience we are known as a company that delivers what were promised.

We manage our customers’ orders with optimal time, cost and energy efficiency, and always according to rigorous quality, environmental, health and safety standards.

Paper Chemical: ASA Emulsifier

Starch Handling:
Native Starch Enzymatic Converter

Ballast Water Treatment System

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